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  • The proposed site lies in the heart of Deira, right off Omar Bin Al-Khatab Road. It is easily accessible via Omar Bin Al- Khatab Road Al Muteena Street, or Al Rashid Street.

  • Ease of access and its central location ensures mobility of residents and proximity to Dubai’s main business, retail and residential districts. and will have access to various modes of transportation.

  • Omar Bin Al-Khatab Road (D88), coming on the western side of the proposed development, is a six lanes road, three in each direction, linking Fish Roundabout with Al-Rashid Road (D82).

  • Al Muteena Street, located on the southern side of the development, is a four lanes street, two in each direction, connecting Abu Baker Al-Siddique Road (D78) with Omar Bin Al-Khatab Road (D88).

  • Al Rashid Road (D82), located north to the proposed site, is a major 6 lanes road in Deira, three on each side, connecting the eastern side with the western side of Deira. Al Rashid Road is perpendicular with Omar Bin Al-Khatab and Abu Baker Al-Siddique roads.

  • The site lies within 1 km distance from Salah Al Din Metro Station ensuring quick access to Dubai Metro. Moreover, Salah Al Din Metro Station is only one station away from Union Station, whichwould allow metro Westwards or Eastwards